The idea for Damfino's was born of a desire to do three things:  offer a healthy dining option for the community, offer an outlet for local food producers, and, most importantly, create an environment that brings people together. We've accomplished each of these to some extent, but we're most proud of the community that has grown up around this place.  We've met many, many wonderful people whom we consider friends as a result of our interactions at Damfino's. 


In this time of such great divides in our society, it's more important than ever to connect with others; doing that over food just makes it better.  The limitations under which we can now work prevent us from realizing the community-building aspect of our mission. (Did we ever encourage you to sit at the "big table" with someone you don't know?) 


None of us bargained for that great disrupter, covid-19. It caused us to close for 2+ months. Then we were open for only five days when we discovered a leak that has necessitated repairs in our kitchen.  The virus continues to spread and to limit the way we do business.


Taking all these factors into consideration, and after a great deal of soul searching, we have made the difficult decision to close Damfino's. The good news is that our sweet little building will be in great shape for a younger, more energetic restauranteur to step in and get right to work.  


It has been a privilege to serve you.  Thanks for letting us be part of your lives, and for being part of ours.


                           - Lucy & Fred   


We will likely open for a day or two to sell the remaining inventory on our shelves, once the repairs are completed, so stay tuned!                                            

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